What Is Screen Printing Cost Based On?

You want to order screen printed shirts for an upcoming event but you don't understand how they are priced. What is the pricing based on? Screen printing pricing is based on a number of factors:

Shirt style
Shirt color
Number of shirts
Number of prints per shirt
Sizes ordered
Screen/film charges
Artwork charges

Number of Screen Printed Shirts

First, get a general idea of how many shirts you need. You'll have to order at least a minimum quantity, this quantity will be 12 or more items with the same printing.

Style of T-Shirts Printed

Next decide what style T-Shirt you need. If you want basic T's you must decide
if you want cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Cotton T's will be cooler. If you
decide to use a cotton T, you might want to choose a Hanes Beefy T. Although these T's are more expensive, the Beefy T's are made from ring spun cotton, a cotton that is softer to the touch and will last longer because it is made from longer fibers.

Number of Colors Printed

Next determine how many colors are in each print. You'll be charged for each
color in printing and screen/film charges. So, if you're trying to keep your
cost down, its better to eliminate unnecessary colors. If you're uncertain about
what to eliminate ask us.

Light or Dark Shirts?

Another factor in your pricing is whether you are using light or dark colored shirts. If you're printing a light color on dark shirts expect to pay more to have a white under base printed underneath your design. Without this under base, your
colors will look faded against the dark shirt.

Extended Sizes

Another factor that effects pricing is whether you need extended sizes. Sizes 2X and
larger will be more expensive.

Screen Printed Quantity Breakdown

After you've determined your general needs, check our quantity price
breakdowns to determine what is your best buy. For example, if you need 69
shirts and the price breakdown is a 72 shirts, it may be more economical to order 72 shirts because your cost will be cheaper per shirt.

Screen Printing Artwork

Don't forget artwork fees. Don't assume that your printer can print from any
computer file. Unless you have a realistic design that can be taken directly from a
photograph or a high resolution bitmap most likely your artwork will need to be converted into vector format (line art). Charges for vectorization can vary greatly
depending on how detailed your design is.

Screen Printing Set-Up Charges

Set-up charges, otherwise known as screen/film charges, must also be considered.
We have a given charge per screen with the total amount determined by the number
of colors or screens needed to print a design.

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